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nceca meeting friday

updated sun 27 feb 11


mel jacobson on sat 26 feb 11

A special thank you to Keith Williams, President of NCECA for
the great meeting yesterday. (see his post last night: "3 cups of tea")

As he concurred, the future of ceramics in education is on
the line. From elementary school to advanced programs for
an MFA, and the education of seniors at an art center, it is
all "ceramic education". It is `all` vital to our future.

We will do everything in our power to communicate the need for
cooperation on every front, from schools, art centers, our vendors
to museums, and individual workers in clay, they all count.
Mel Jacobson
List owner and Moderator of Clayart

To be accurate, I do believe that Karen Filla when president of NCECA
send a message to clayart about "Potters Council". I think?
But, without question, Keith's post to all members of clayart was
a first. And, several NCECA staff persons are reading clayart.
That is good.
from: minnetonka, mn
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