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what goes into making a mug?? / internet/art vs craft

updated sat 17 jan 98


the cat lady on fri 16 jan 98

>Sniffy, demanding, and annoying customer: "How long does it take to
>learn how to make these anyway?"
>Sweetly smiling potter: "Oh, about 500 years or so."

My standard answer is "12 years and "x" hours/minutes".
Shuts 'em up.

Seriously, gives customers the thought that pottery
*isn't* something one learns over night

My twist on art vs. craft. If you can learn it at a weekend
workshop, and be selling it the next weekend at the local
flea market, it's a craft.

If you have invested years, and feel you are ever
learning, it's art. One can apply this philosiphy(sp?)
to almost anything.

re: the internet. I don't have a problem with phone companies
charging for internet use time. I think a maximum "free" time
should be set, then after that it should be charged. There are
far too many people that purchase ISP time "unlimited" and
keep their mIRC or whatever open all the time so that they
don't miss their mail by a minute. If people are tying up
a line all day, they _should_ pay.

In England, you pay by the minute for *all* calls, local or
long distance. One learns to get on, pass information, and
get off.

I'm getting on my flame proof suit now ;)

sam - alias the cat lady
Melbourne, Ontario