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raku show in france asking for names....... and an apology.

updated sun 13 mar 11


Hank Murrow on fri 11 mar 11

Dear Folks;

My friend, Martin Barnsdale, in Southwest France is organizing a show =3D
for 2012 there centered around raku work from around the world. I was =3D
asked by Martin to forward some names of leading practicioners of Raku =3D
in the US.=3D20

So I am asking you to search your collective brain for names (and web =3D
sites!) of worthy clayfolk doing great raku...... or Racqeaux, as I have =
come to call it.

Please send Martin pics and web sites of 'Raku' note to my address: =3D . The address I gave for Martin is defunct, so that is =3D
the change I offer here.

You might also Google Martin Barnsdale to see what he does...... lovely =3D
handbuilt pieces with ash glazes, not of the runny sort......
here, for instance: =3D

Perhaps there will be a Clayart 'presence' in France in 2012!

Cheers, Hank in Eugene