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all of those flameware comments

updated sun 27 mar 11


George Chechopoulos on sat 26 mar 11

Subject: Re: All of those Flameware comments:

To Richard Aerni: Yes, Robbie Lobell did get her so called Flameware
recipes from Karen Karnes. However, Karen Karnes was not the originator of
those recipes. See the link and the excerpt of an interview with Karen
Karnes by a Mr. Shapiro, 2005.

Interview with Karen Karnes
Conducted by Mark Shapiro
At the Artist's home and studio in Morgan, Vermont
August 9 and 10, 2005

"MR. SHAPIRO: Was this before the flameproof?
MS. KARNES: Flameproof came pretty quickly afterwards.
MR. SHAPIRO: So you mentioned that you were helped by a chemist with that. =
don't know that story.
MS. KARNES: No, not me. That was MC. I don't know a chemist.
MR. SHAPIRO: But she had somehow gotten this formula?
MS. KARNES: Yeah. Yeah."

To Lee Love: The Flameware recipe that you posted on the 24th will not wor=
for Stove Top Cooking. Not only is the Spodumene content too low but the
use of Spodumene alone as the only source of lithium will produce a porous
clay body at cone 10. Cooking oils will penetrate the glaze surface, get
into the porous clay body and eventually cause glaze pops. Additions of
Iron oxide are not advisable. The glazes listed are not suitable for a
flameware clay body either since they both have a higher CTE than the clay

Also, I will say it again: "A true Flameware clay body is not compatible
with salt, soda or wood firings because they have a much higher thermal
expansion or CTE than the clay body. Without Dilatometry testing of the
clay body and glazes being formulated and thorough physical testing to
include Thermal Shock Testing you can never be sure that you have a true
Flameware product. However, if you do your research (and there isn't much
reliable out there), testing, testing and more testing and have the time,
money, inclination and desire to "solve the problem" then it can be done an=
used safely.

Again for all you naysayers out there, see my video on and my website at

And, by the way, there are a number of potteries out there selling Flamewar=
intended for Stove Top use. Anyone doing a google search for "Flameware" o=
"Flameware Pottery" will find the list. Mr. Silverman at has been making and selling Flameware for over 30
years now and he is still in business and hasn't been sued yet to my
knowledge. However, the only published test results that you will find wil=
be coming out in the May issue of Ceramics Technical Journel by Marrowstone

And finally to Ric Swenson: I'm still waiting to see all those Chinese
sources for their Flameware pottery that you said you would send me so I ca=
see what they are doing. Can't find anything on Flameware from China but I
do know that there is one Pottery in Japan that has perfected the process.

George J. Chechopoulos (Tsitsas)
Marrowstone Pottery
292 Merry Road, Box 193
Nordland, WA 98358