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bat project and small electric kilns

updated wed 16 mar 11


Peggy Thompson on tue 15 mar 11

Special thanks to Arnold on matching kiln amps to my recepticles.

I wish to thank all those who responded with very helpful advice on
cutting square tile size and round bats.

Boy, the dust from the Hardiboard was, as warned, amazingly dense and
definitely a mask and goggles job! The square bats for smaller pieces
( to be used in a purchased round form) had to be made close tolerance
so as not to wiggle and throw pots off center and were made from the
Hardy board (double thick) material using a jig saw but round bats
( cut using the scroll saw) for larger forms were made of the double
smooth sided Masonite substitute material the 1/4" version, which was
only available off shelf as 2'x4' size .

I will take advice to protect the holes in the round bats and edges
with waterproof / wear resistant product to keep them from water and"
wear and tear " that could make the holes grow and become sloppy.

Now, if I can just find a cd or record album holder at the thrift
store to "file" them for storing at the wheel.
They should take less space than my previous plaster bats had.

Now, on to tackle how to service the Blue Bird deairing pugmill! I
bought it but a helper only used it previously for pugging, without
the deairing and the jar was removed, and the info in the oil needed
got lost.Now, it needs disassembly to clean out servicing
to set it right to deair.It is the tile model.
Getting back slowly to making my studio a working pottery ince again.
I have been working in clay but mostly at the local college and art
center in the meantime but am making a comeback inch by inch now.
Margaret in SC

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