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flaming flameware

updated sat 26 mar 11


Bonnie Staffel on fri 25 mar 11

Way back when, I believe it was Ron Probst was publishing his recipes =3D
flameware that I decided to try it out. I experimented with the body and
glaze, however since I was a "color" person and looked for a surface to
paint on, was very disappointed in the fact that the reaction to the =3D
was that my blue decoration turned black, no matter thick or thin. I =3D
made a
few very nice lasagna dishes and since everything was geared towards =3D
that is how I decorated them. My first attempts at a skillet form, the
handle drooped and the glaze bubbled. Testing further got the bubbling
problem solved. However I did not like the feel of the surface of the =3D
Gave up on that idea as well because of the need for a good insurance
policy. These two pots reside in the basement with other unused
accumulations of stuff.

Richard makes very good points about using this clay/glaze but since you
have said in a later post that it was only for your own use, go for it.
However, for the general group who may be tempted to work in this way, I
would avoid problems in this litigious society if you plan to put them =3D
for sale.


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