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updated sun 20 mar 11


Larry Kruzan on sat 19 mar 11

Hi Friends,

As many of you know we have been vacationing in Florida, camping near Tampa=
until NCECA. As sometimes happens, life has gotten in the way of our plans
and expectations. Thursday morning my wife and I were notified that her
brother had passed away. We have packed up our camper and headed home to be
with family at this time.

This NCECA was going to special for several reasons, being newly elected to
the Potter's Council Board, Clayart activities, meeting with all of you and
all the rest of NCECA's fun. We had a lot of great plans. I'm so sorry to
say that we just will not be able to return for the fun. It's just too far
for me to drive back and forth within the time frame available.

To each of you who voted for my election to the board, I send my most humbl=
thanks. I'll try my best to be worthy of your trust. The call I received
informing me of my election to the board has to be one of the most
surprising phone calls I've ever received. Each of the candidates for the
board had many years of experience as potters and very well filled resumes,
each with unique goals, choosing WAS a hard thing this year. Again, thanks
for your trust.

The Tampa, StPete area is a wonderful area with so much for artists, I know
you are all going to have a great time there. My wife and I have really
enjoyed our stay (and the weather!!!!), there are so many galleries and
studios to visit there. Of all the NCECA's I've been to, this one is at the
finest location!! Have fun.

Best wishes to all,

Larry Kruzan

Lost Creek Pottery