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reminder: nceca clayart mug exchange

updated tue 22 mar 11


Rebecca Knight on sun 20 mar 11

The 14th Annual Clayart Mug Exchange will be held at 5:00 PM on Thursday,
March 31, in the Clayart Room at the Convention Center. Bagging will begin
promptly at 5:00, so plan to retrieve your mug before 5:00.

Here are the basics:

The Exchange is open to all members of the Clayart Internet Discussion Grou=
attending NCECA.

1. Pick a mug, or another ceramic object you=3D92ve made, for the exchange=
. =3D
one item please. Since all the pieces will be put in bags for the exchange=
your piece must fit in a paper bag measuring approximately 5=3D94 x 4=3D94 =
x 9=3D

2. Please place your business card or a handwritten card with your name an=
contact information inside the mug. It would be wonderful if you would
include technical information on the card about the mug, such as
construction method, firing temperature, and glazes used.

3. Bring your mug to the Clayart room any time on Wednesday or Thursday an=
place it on the designated table. The sooner the better, as we all love
looking at the mug exhibit during the conference.

Since there is a very well organized stay-at-home exchange, the one at NCEC=
is limited to Clayart members attending NCECA, who are able to meet at the
designated time for the exchange. We find it=3D92s much more fun when you =
to meet your partner face-to-face.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.