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tsunami teabowl fund raiser

updated thu 24 mar 11


Eric Hansen on tue 22 mar 11

Folks: I have begun to send out requests and making contacts for use
of spaces. I have a site in D.C, tentatively - my current goal is to
have all the details nailed down during the Cherry Blossom Festival,
but already the trees are in
bloom. I would like to have our publicity campaign for the sale
happening soon. The announcement will be made as soon as the site is

Then what remains is shipping, displaying, and selling. I will ask for
standard information: artist name, title, medium, etc. artist should
suggest their price, all work will remain on sale somewhere until
sold, as an after-event retail opportunity. Anything not sold will be
rolled over to the next sale.

There are many more details - I would like to follow the suggestion I
am hearing as to how the benefit will be disbursed, but it will be
disbursed 100% - probably some to the Mashiko fund and also some to
the other organization the assists crafts people, what was mentioned
to me.

- h a n s e n -

Eric Alan Hansen
Stonehouse Studio Pottery
Alexandria, Virginia
"Simplify, simplify, simplify" - Thoreau