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(slightly ot) nceca clayart room chocolate redux

updated tue 5 apr 11


Jon Singer on mon 4 apr 11


I'll be brief because it's OT; but because some folks have inquired, I
want to mention a couple things.

I brought several types of chocolate to the Clayart room at NCECA, and
two of them seemed to interest people. The crunchy stuff (it isn't =3D
with the incredible freshness was from ChocoVivo. (Not too surprisingly,
they are at ) I'm not sure I've ever =3D
a fresher chocolate, and I'm entirely willing to put up with the crunch;
it is, after all, just an [extremely] old-fashioned style.

The other bar that people asked about was from Iceland, though of course
they don't grow the beans there. It was Noi Sirius 70% bittersweet. I =3D
this chocolate at Whole Foods (which we often refer to as "Whole
Paycheck"), but it should also be available elsewhere. The mfr is at (Try if you don't happen =3D
to read
Old Norse.)

Cheers --