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cheech marin :nceca keynote?

updated mon 11 apr 11


Stephani Stephenson on fri 8 apr 11

Cheech Marin was the Keynote speaker? anybody attend ?=3D20
how was it? other sessions of note? please, feed us some good stuff! thou=
not TOO much good stuff, lest we deepen our remorse at missing the event.=

as an aside, in the far outer orbit of the NCECA galaxy, where the pull=
the mothership is faint yet still detectable, I was honored with an
enjoyable visit from CLAYART and NCECA bud, Esteban Slatino.
I also had a blast, though not a nuclear blast, subbing for local ceramic=
prof so she could refresh and revive at the center of the NCECA galaxy, =
the Florida vortex.=3D20
sooo, NCECA week panned out OK , even out here where wooly mammoth tracks=

are as visible as jeep tracks , where unmanned drones and the omnipresen=
eye in the sky watch wooden catapults hurl bales of marijuana over a parc=
border, and where spring winds dry out tile faster than you can

Stephani S.

Steve and Joan Irvine on sun 10 apr 11

In 1967 Cheech Marin came to Canada to avoid the draft. He had an =3D
interest in pottery at that time, and got a job working in Alberta as an =
apprentice for a well known Canadian potter named Ed Drahanchuk. In 1968 =
we bought a large Drahanchuk punch bowl set, which came with a couple =3D
dozen small cups. The cups are the kind of thing that an apprentice =3D
would have made, and I've sometimes wondered if we have been using =3D
Cheech Marin pottery all these years. =3D20

Steve Irvine