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a compendium of naked raku slips and glazes

updated sun 10 apr 11


Lynne Berman on fri 8 apr 11


Resist Slips and Glazes To Go With Them

David Roberts resist slip

(EPK)Kaolin 3 parts by volume

Flint 2 parts by volume

Copper Oxide 10% (or none)

use with the following glaze

Raku Crackle Glaze

(by David Roberts in Sawdust Firing)

High Alkali Frit 45%

Soft Borax Frit 45%

China Clay 10%

Fire to 1562-1652F.

Glaze Marie-Claire in the Netherlands

90% Borax frit

10% kaolin


Resist Slip Marie-Claire

2 parts kaolin

3 parts flint or silica

works with


Frit 3110 65%

Gerstley Borate 35%

don't use this glaze with the Roberts slip


Jacobsons' Slip and Glaze


40% Lincoln 60 fireclay

30% 6-Tile clay

20% Ione 412 Grog

10% Custer feldspar

or this variation used without glaze

Chip n Slip

40% Hawthrone Bone or A-P Fireclay

30% Kaolin

20% Pyrotol (or grog)

10% Custer Feldspar


60% Ferro Frit 3110

40% Gerstley Borate

Bisque to Cone 012-010

Fire to cone 014 (1540F.), smoke, water-quench, peel


Gordon Hutchens Slip

used without glaze

Fire Clay 50

EPK 30

Alumina Hydrate 20 (or 10% for easier removal)

Marci Masterson

(From Sharon in Fort Worth)


Fire Clay 40 grams

#6 Tile 30 grams

Custer 10 grams

Grog (28 mesh) 20 grams


Fire Clay 50 grams

EPK 40 grams

Soda Spar 10 grams

(Add 5 - 15% grog)


Fire Clay 50 grams

EPK 35 grams

Nepheline Syenite 15 grams

(add 5% grog - no more)


Fire Clay 45 grams

EPK 35 grams

Flint 10 grams

Nepheline Syenite 10 grams

(add 5% Grog - no more)


(can't find #2)

#1. If fire clay is gritty, don't need grog (or need less grog).
Interesting small

design w/o grog. Marcie uses 10% grog. Apply one thinned coat
crubbed. Removes very


#3. Similar to #1. Marcie uses 10% grog.

#4. Semi straight edge design. Applies 4 even coats. Thinner and
smaller design.

Removed easily.

#5. Fairly straight edge design (almost geometric). Hard to remove.
Apply like #4.

Used w/o grog is good but small.

Additional notes: Every thing with talc "fused". Try other fluxes;
try other clays.

Almost all recipes will work with 25-50% raku claybody w/grog or
sand. Mix slip to a

consistency where it will just "pour" not "plop" off a spoon.

The following is the glaze recipe which is applied over the slip:

70% Ferro Frit 3110

30% Gerstly Borate

Mix "milk" thin and apply thinly.