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high standards, disposing of seconds

updated wed 13 apr 11


Lili Krakowski on tue 12 apr 11

One cannot make perfect pots. (Here follows a long, dreary discussion =3D
of the meaning of Perfection, human frailty, the Nature and Omnipotence =
of the Deity, etc.)

But this can be done. That one does not let a pot out of one's hands =3D
unless it is the total best one can do, and an object proper for its =3D

So bowls that have pinholes or crazes, and are meant to be used for food =
not only are imperfect, they are a fraud. They serve nicely for loose =3D
change, keys, bills, fallen off buttons, yarn holders for =3D
knitters/crocheters--and water bowls for dogs and cats. But for foods, =
especially viscous ones for

And this might be added: The Pot is Me! should be engraved on every =3D
studio wall. If you have a neurotically low opinion of self and skill, =3D
by all means turn out inferior stuff! =3D20

My seconds are used for this and that...Bad ones, cracked, crawled, =3D
blistered, are smashed and fed down woodchuck holes. If I lived in a =3D
city, I still would smash the pots to smithereens (wearing safety =3D
goggles while doing it.) IF the pots are smashed enough...a good many =3D
chards will go into a liquor carton,

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage