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disposal of broken seconds - the pompeii project

updated fri 15 apr 11


Lou Raye Nichol on thu 14 apr 11

I have a friend who is an artist and has started what he calls his Pompeii
project. He collects broken pottery of all kinds and puts it on a piece of
property he owns and periodically covers it with leaf mulch etc. Its purpos=
is to provide a puzzle for archaeologists in the year 3000 - or name the

Lou Raye

Lou Raye Nichol, PCC
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Best example of using pottery as a decorative building material i can find

Then there is this, imagine it with mortar holding it together(and no place
for water to collect...)

I am disappointed I could not find better examples of what it would look
I'm also sad that I have not tried it myself. Because I am not a production
potter, the seconds problem is not something I have to deal with right

Your property may be located in a neighborhood that might not appreciate
alternative architecture, in which case I would opt for dropping them into =

river or other body of water for the fishes to use.

What Nils Lou said about tossing pots into an opening in the earth and
having it discovered later, seems like gift to the future, since there are
ecology issues I can think of, EXcept mosquitos... I live in FL, but those
blood suckers are everywhere.