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iron mountain clay class

updated mon 18 apr 11


gary navarre on sat 16 apr 11

Hey Folks,

In the class I signed up for in Iron Mountain we had some unexpected resul=
ts from a recent bisque firing. I have been taking my pieces home to glaze =
for the wood kiln because most of their firing is low temperature. Turned o=
ut the thermocouples were worn out and didn't operate the automatic shutoff=
and the kiln might have gone to ^10. One slumped porcelain piece was trans=
lucent in a thin enough spot. I kinda like how my Dragon Pot came out but i=
t is not at all what I have in mind...

Now I need to decide weather to put the Dragon Pot into the wood kiln and =
risk changing it or keep it even though the outcome was due to an outside s=
tudio equipment failure.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA