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updated mon 19 jan 98


Mel Jacobson on sun 18 jan 98

well, you know that human hair ain't bad either.
i would suggest you not try the `tickle the tummy routine`....but ,
if you can get some nice long, silky hair from a is wonderful.
it has no body, but the wobble is wonderful. try some three inch, human
long hair bushes. (and you will not need a branch pruner)

p.s. i would be willing to sell some of my personal silver and gold
mixture from the top of my head....really nice. $93.50 an ounce.

and i am not bashing ron roy...just want him to move into new
areas of study that will benefit me. i am celedon bereft. i have 421
recipes...and don't like any of them. (actually i never measure the iron
right, turns out different with each batch, had a perfect one for two
years, lost it, and never found it again.)

the mata ortiz potters use children's hair for their tiny brushes..of course
they have steady hands. (wow, how steady)