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seattle rain/was nceca

updated tue 26 apr 11


David Woof on sun 24 apr 11

Lenny=3D2C you have a personal issue with rain???
The precipitation is not the cold pelting soaking as one experiences elsewh=
ere in the interior states. It is softer=3D3B much like the salt air that=
s so invigorating and easy to breath.
Seattle is a real gem on the coast. much to do=3D2C see=3D3B pots=3D2C art=
and a=3D
rt people everywhere.=3D20
Food and attentive presentation that make you salivate in your sleep.
Take a couple extra days and hop down to Portland. Hang with folks from =
all over the world who are flocking to these two popular art=3D2C culture=
=3D2C =3D
and forward vision=3D2C going on hot spots. =3D20
Seattle!!! rain or shine!!! All the way to Tacoma!!!
And don't be stupid about a wee bit of rain!!! Get some attitude. Good f=
or your skin!!! =3D20
P.S. Mel=3D2C I agree with your declaration that the Seattle Clayart room =
n't be a fashion "freak show" but if we build you a fire on the beach would=
you perform the Pierre the Voyager and the amorous moose story again for a=
ll those who missed it at Pigeon Lake in 1981. =3D20
Folks=3D2C at 3:00 Am Mel was still and always classy=3D2C but he was convi=
g in his descriptive acting of this classic Northwoods campfire story. A V=
iking potter from Minnesota playing a moose and a frenchman in a canoe no l=
ess! Great stuff!!! Love=3D2C David
4.3. Re: NCECA
Posted by: "Lenny Dowhie" Nefsigh@AOL.COM=3D20
Date: Thu Apr 21=3D2C 2011 5:16 pm ((PDT))

Problems will arise in Seattle just like anyplace. Biggest problem: Rain.
(2) Lack of sunshine (3) Distance (4) costs overall (5) Did I say rain? (6)

Hmm... who goes for the conference anymore? For most over 40--its
location=3D2C location=3D2C location=3D2C Although i am surprised more folk=
s didn=3D
't want to
leave the misery of the cold midwest and north east for Tampa--Oh well.

In a message dated 4/21/2011 3:53:12 P.M. Central Daylight Time=3D2C
jebyler2@GMAIL.COM writes:

seattle is actually relatively cheap to fly in to=3D2C especially compared
to other cities in the region=3D2C such as portland=3D2C or and vancouver=
=3D2C bc=3D

the art was too spread out in tampa=3D2C and that kind of sucked. it
would have been nice if the whole conference could have been in St.
Pete where all the art was.



douglas fur on mon 25 apr 11

Uff da
who started this? Me?
The facts

Precipitation in Seattle during April, historic and April 2010

Days less than .01=3D94 21

Days less than .10=3D94 8

Days less than .50=3D94 1

Days less than 1.00=3D94 1

Monthly total 3.34=3D94

Monthly Records High 7.8=3D94 Low .37=3D94

So the odds are about one in three for being little or no rain on any April

(To H.M. in the wet-lamit valley OSU says the average is 40"-50" per year.
NOAA says Seattle's average is 36". Being in a La Nina year our total at
the end of 2010 was 42.5". If next year we swing into a El Nino cycle we
might have a dry April)


Seola Creek