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super hot! an ancient wood-firing kiln

updated sat 30 apr 11


Neon-Cat on fri 29 apr 11

Hello all! Here=3D92s a wood-fired kiln that operated from 1723=3D961741 at=
pre-industrial era Swiss glassworks. It was estimated to fire over
Cone 13 at temperatures of 1350 - 1500 C (with some glass-melting
crucibles showing that they reached temperatures of 1650 C). In
Fahrenheit, those temperatures are 2462 =3D96 2732 F, with the extreme to
3002 F. Modern ceramic archeologists are revising the firing
temperatures for many ancient kilns these days. This article, while
somewhat of a tedious read, has some good sections on the kiln and its
refractory bricks, details of the crucibles where glass was melted,
and there=3D92s even a diagram of the kiln. Due to the high temperatures
reached many of the reusable crucibles contain cristobalite. This
glassworks site has been extensively studied and there are numerous
related articles available. Maybe I=3D92ll build one of these kilns in my

=3D93The glass-melting furnace and the crucibles of S=3DFCdel (1723=3D96174=
1, Swi=3D
provenance of the raw materials and new evidence of high thermal performanc=
G. Eramo
Journal of Cultural Heritage 7(4): 286-300, 2006,43,2,20070605120644-EV/eramo_gmf.pdf

Marian Gooding
Neon-Cat Ceramics