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lili's mug rules

updated thu 5 may 11


Deborah Thuman on wed 4 may 11

I've been working on hand built mugs. Some are coil built, some slab
built. I tested out one of my mugs this morning.
The handle kept my knuckles away from the body of the mug.
The handle felt comfortable in my arthritic hands.
The lip of the mug felt comfortable against my lips.
My tea stayed hot.
I actually figured out what glazes I put on the mug.

Here's what else I figured out. I need to make the slab for the body
of the mug 1/2" wider and 1" longer. I think that should get me the
size I want. I need to make the inside of the mug more finished
looking. I haven't decided if I want to make the mug a tad thinner.
The thicker walls didn't make it too heavy and the thicker clay kept
my tea warmer longer. Must think about that one for a while.

Thanks for the mug rules, Lili.

Deb Thuman