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cool woodfire glaze

updated tue 20 jan 98


Anthony G Allison on mon 19 jan 98

Hello out there in mudville!

Here is one of the most beautiful glazes I have ever made! I call it Tony's
Ember Glow. It is intended for wood fire to cone 10. It wont work hotter
than that and it doesnt work in a gas kiln at all. It has a unique textural
surface and is metallic to black in appearance breaking to a glowing red
depending on the flame contact and ash deposits. It is sensitive to washes
of barium carbonate breaking an icy pale blue. Where scratched, the glaze
breaks to a sort of golden color making for really exciting decorating
possibilities. This is not intended for food surfaces.

15 pounds Petalite
2 Lbs Nepheline Syenite
2 Lbs Edgar Plastic Kaolin
3-1/4 pounds Barium Carbonate
4 ounces red copper oxide
12 ounces copper sulphate
a touch of sodium silicate syrup
a couple drops of dishwashing soap

Keep the glaze relatively thick for best results.

If anyone wants to share with me some of those beautiful glazes from the
60's, the matt spod types, I would be eternally grateful.

I hope that by posing the question to each of you "How do you know if you
are a redneck potter?" doesn't get this post bumped by the fun police at
ClayArt. We'll find out. (use sound recorder on your computer to playback
the wav file)

Warmest Regards,