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my home and inside art studio in the home burned down friday 13th,

updated wed 18 may 11


Peggy Thompson on tue 17 may 11

We allescaped with only minor injuries.
Thehome was a total loss but library was not burned but soaked wet and
charred shingles and foam on all books photos documents and slide and
video library.

I am desperately trying to enter the ugliness that was a wonderful
home to pull out what is still useful as insurance is not going to
cover near any cost to rebuild.If you have any suggestions I could use
them I have been in Clayart since 1996 under various screennames and
attended NCECA a few times and many workshops otherwise .

I am 66 and David is woodworker and we are on our own cleaning up the
mess and if you are near we need a ton of sound cardboard boxes.

Our library is our saddest loss!

I put in wrong Facebook paseord and cannot seem to get back on under
right name!!!

Any help appreciated. We have some insurance but home nor contents
will be replacable with it .

Margaret Thompson Arial

I cannot get too many ling calls as have to go off property to
recharge phone., no linger have power.