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hugely long post, (septic tank lid)

updated thu 19 may 11


David Hendley on tue 17 may 11

Steph, just get some concrete and cast a new septic tank lid. I had to
do it when a big tree limb fell on mine. I happened to have some
cement around, so I got some sand and gravel from my road and
mixed up a wheelbarrow-full of concrete - you can simply buy 4 or
5 bags of Sakcrete. I staked some 8" wide flashing on the ground in a
30" circle, filled it up 2" high, added some concrete mesh, and then
added 2 more inches. If you don't have any mesh around, just put in
any old scraps of re-bar, pipes, etc. you happen to have.
I promise this will be much easy than making a clay cover, and cheaper
in the long run. You can still put you initials in the we concrete.

My '85 Dodge van was also hard on starters. I once changed it
out in the dark on a Motel 6 parking lot in some little town in Arizona!

(Steph, you need to title your e-mails more carefully - I almost didn't rea=
this one because I thought it was yet another Viagra ad).

David Hendley