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brush making workshop at peters valley art center, august 5-9, 201=

updated mon 23 may 11


Vicki Hardin on sun 22 may 11

1 Layton, NJ

Hey Clayarters

In case anyone is wanting to take a brush making workshop, I thought I'd le=
you know that I am teaching one at Peters Valley Craft Center, August 5-9,
2011. We will be focusing on brushes from functional to artistic. Beginning
and advanced techniques and construction methods will be taught for making
brushes from the hair of deer, skunk, horse, raccoon, goat and ring tail
cat. By then end of the week, you will have the skills necessary for workin=
with loose hair and making brush tips designed to meet your needs.
Demonstrations will involve step by step instruction for making handles fro=
bamboo, yucca, wood and found objects.

I recently taught this workshop at Penland School of Crafts and received
excellent reviews.
For more information check out the link for Peters Valley here

Or catch some of my recent brushes on my website at the following links:

hope to see you there!
Vicki Hardin

Hey Tony,
Congratulations on the MFA. Thanks for setting the bar, hoping to see you
in Texas!!!!