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nceca houston

updated sat 25 aug 12


Fisher Cheryl on mon 23 may 11

It's now listed on the NCECA website.

Cheryl Fisher
Sarasota, FL USA

mel jacobson on fri 24 aug 12

this is going to be a fun nceca for clayart
folks. it is a great town, great food...great fun.

nceca will give us the details soon for hotel and clayart room

but, go to the nceca website and check dates and times.

early airfare is a must this year. prices are going up again.
(name something that isn't.)

i am going to fly to dallas and spend some time with arnold howard
and then drive with him to houston. we have plans to do `big boy` shooting guns, texas style. i will also visit the paragon fac=
and the new itc facility.
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