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outdoor classrooms

updated wed 25 may 11


Luke Nealey on mon 23 may 11

My school is embarking on (another) capital campaign and one of the things
in the mix is outdoor "classroom" space, epsecially for art and/or pottery.
Does anyone have some links to photos/plans/ etc. of spaces that you have
found well done? Thanks.

Luke Nealey
Rankin Co. MS

Arnold Howard on mon 23 may 11

On 5/23/2011 6:34 AM, Luke Nealey wrote:
> My school is embarking on (another) capital campaign and one of the thing=
> in the mix is outdoor "classroom" space, especially for art and/or potter=

Many schools in the Dallas, Texas area have kilns in covered but open
areas as an extension from a building. This consists of a large concrete
slab and steel roof without walls.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /

Stephani Stephenson on mon 23 may 11

don't know if you are referring to everyday regular class time or after
school, but here's what i knoticed with after school in several schools i=

worked with:
access to water and assess to restrooms. it seems like a no brainer, but=

the 'after school' programs i taught had a lack of both. Restrooms were f=
away, so far, that the younger students (k-1) could not go there by
themselves (both for practical purposes and by school rules, had to be
accompanied by an adult. As the only adult , to accompany a child to the
restroom meant I had to abandon my entire class). They were also so far t=
kids vanished to the other side of campus, completely out of sight.
Additional problem was keeping the outdoor restrooms unlocked. Maintenan=
people were forever locking them or failing to unlock them!

Next on the list is a wash up sink with a good drain /trap system, if you=

will be using it much at all.=3D20

decent storage lockers/bins . None of the schools i worked with allowed m=
so much as a shelf in a closet, so if it is used more, get permanent,
lockable, riot proof bins.

I would also look at the 'supply route' the teacher must travel,
especially if you are packing in clay. Cannot describe the 'over hill, ov=
dale ' route i had to travel from a parking place at the far end of a lan=
which was at the far end of the parking lot, which was at the far end of =
maze of paths , courtyards, paved, dirt, and gravelled surfaces.

and of course , shade , wind break if needed, and a source of drinking wa=
as well as wash water.

Stephani S.

konstantin on tue 24 may 11

In our High School, in Santa Rosa Ca. we use a tent on a concrete slab
to teach Blacksmithing, stone carving, copper work, some wood work (that
is not sensitive to moisture) and jewelry. It is also used for other
During the winter, when it rains, it is a bit cold but it has worked for
us for the last 10 years.