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short survey about guild shows

updated tue 24 may 11


Susan Cline on sun 22 may 11

The Clay Alliance in Cincinnati has asked me to get an idea about the
cost and process that some of our sister guilds across the U.S. use
when staging a show/sale.

We have 2 annual shows; one is in the spring and participation is
based on how much one has volunteered for our various events (Empty
Bowls, etc.) during the year. It is not juried. We pay a booth fee
and, aside from some poster design and publicity, do all the work
ourselves. The show runs only one day, with no rain date. The 2nd show
is during the holidays and is a juried show; again, we pay a booth fee
and do all the work for the show ourselves. We have about 150 members.

I am asking that those of you who are involved in your own clay
organization's dedicated shows/sales would answer some short questions:

1) What is the booth fee for a 1-day show? for a 2-day show?
2) Are all your shows juried?
2a ) if your shows are not juried what are the requirements for
3) Are your shows organized and produced by your own members'
volunteer time? Or do you have a sponsor or professional person/
organization that manages the details of the show?

If you don't mind answering these few questions I would very much
appreciate it; please email me off-list.

Or, if you have some boilerplate information or can refer me to a link
with the information, that would be most helpful as well.

Thank you!

Sue Cline
Cincinnati, OH, USA