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flameware...mel's comment

updated fri 27 may 11


Richard Aerni on thu 26 may 11

I hesitate to take issue with Mel's statements on ovenware and =3D

If you don't want to make ovenware for fear of liability, then I assume =3D
that you're not making mugs, or anything that can receive hot liquids? =3D
They have been known to shatter upon receiving hot coffee, boiling water =
for tea, etc. In fact, in my experience, they are far more prone to =3D
that behavior than a casserole or baking dish is to break when in use. =3D
The rationale is that when hot liquid is poured into the mug, it heats =3D
the clay way hot all at once, whereas if you put a casserole or baking =3D
dish full of food into a preheated oven, the mass of the object plus the =
food means it will heat far more slowly. So, disagree if you wish, just =
my thoughts.

Also, I have a constant demand for my covered casseroles, soup tureens =3D
and baking dishes. I don't know what if anything people do with them, =3D
but I certainly sell a good many of them throughout the year. Once =3D
again, just my experience. =3D20

Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY