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paul's comments/ was flameware

updated sun 29 may 11


Lili Krakowski on sat 28 may 11

Commenting on what I posted, Paul writes:"... to pretend that there is =3D
only the dumb chest thumpers and then the careful (and by inference the =3D
intelligent ones) is a false dichotomy."

I made no connection between the intelligent and the careful. I did =3D
suggest--because I believe it--that the intelligent often run =3D
unnecessary risks because they have a great deal more hubris than us =3D

As to drugs: I can point to two brilliant young men (One of whom got a =
perfect scores on his SATS--though English was not his primary =3D
language-- and a full tuition scholarship to Yale) one a very bright =3D
PhD and professor: both became, as it were, mental basket cases. A =3D
third young man who did not exactly fry his brains but did serious, =3D
permanent damage. A young woman whom I took to have severe CP. and saw =
often at the pool of Montreal Y. I was told by an attendant that the =3D
young woman had done the damage to her nervous system by herself, =3D
through drugs. =3D20

And, last. When we were selling our house in Lower Manhattan in the mid =
1970s a delightful group of young people came to see it. We had such a =3D
good time we asked them to stay to a pickup supper. They declined: they =
still wanted to go visit a friend in the psychiatric ward at a well =3D
known hospital--been there, was there, would probably stay there from =3D
LSD overdoses. No, these were not kooky kids. One in fact was =3D
granddaughter of a well-known psychiatrist.

I do not expect to change views, and hope I am not expected to change =3D

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage