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tony, clay in school

updated wed 1 jun 11


mel jacobson on tue 31 may 11

i have always relied on the jacobson method of doing:

i ordered all the ready made clay i could afford for the program.
we reclaimed every ounce.

i had about twenty five gallon pails and added scrap every day.
add water and let them sit.
that was the start of new clay. add fire clay and a bit of ball
and run through the mixer.

the advanced students learned how to store clay, hide it.
they had hundreds of pounds hidden. esp in the trunks of
their cars in winter. (ballast)

when the clay truck arrived the kids unloaded it.
it just went away. it all came back with the advanced kids.
why would they steal clay? they used clay. tons of it.

i had a soldner mixer and a walker pug mill. they ran all day
long, every day. lots of clay under tables on plaster batts drying.

it is always the balance. buy some, get some, make some.
you put it in the hands of the `best` kids, and make sure they
know....`if you don't control it, make it, use will go away.
then you get 10 pounds a semester, free of charge.` and, then i always
conclude by saying `i have thousands of pounds of clay at home,
and i use it all, it is mine...and, i am in charge of one
helps me.`
from: minnetonka, mn
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