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could use some help with backburning on olympic gas kiln burners

updated sun 5 jun 11


June on sat 4 jun 11

This is the first day all week with no rain in the forecast that I could fi=
re this small Olympic gas kiln. I don't know why I'm getting back burning s=
ince the beginning of the firing. I cleaned the burners and orifices very w=
ell before the firing. The shutters are open 3/8". They suggest 3/8 - 1/2" =
shutter openings. I have no idea what more I could do to correct this probl=

I've seen on line where another person with this kiln had the same problem =
with these Olympic burners and replaced them with other venturi burners; bu=
t I can't believe that there isn't another solution for this.

The kiln is now up to 1660+ degrees and I just hope this back burning won't=
stop me from getting to temperature. It's supposed to fire on 5 gallons an=
d my 7 gallon tank is already less than 1/2 full. Fortunately, I have anoth=
er 5 gallon ready to attach if the 7 gallon empties. Thanks for any sugges=

Warm regards,