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real beginner's question

updated tue 27 jan 98


Dobeaglkuv on tue 20 jan 98

On the Tile show last Friday - Paul was painting on tiles, that I assume were
already glazed "regular" ceramic tiles -- BUT he was painting in colors that
were the REAL color -- and they had to be fired again --- I thought that when
one painted with glazes they did not come out the "real" color until fired
---- could someone possibly straighten out this beginner ??? THANKS Linda

Paul Lewing on wed 21 jan 98

Hi, Lloyd,

I'm probably the best one to straighten this out for you. I was
indeed painting on commercial fired tiles- a Dal Tile in that
instance. The medium I was using was china paints. One of the best
things about china paints is that they are the correct color before

Paul Lewing, Seattle

sandra m benscoter on thu 22 jan 98


I set my VCR and taped the show, since I would be out at that time. Glad
I did. Your work is beautiful! It's great to put a face and work with a
name! You wrote: to get the colors in your work, you use china paints on
already fired tiles, then refire. What cone are they refired to?


still waiting for the snow!!!!

Paul Lewing on fri 23 jan 98


I fire all my china paints to ^016, but this is not how it's
traditionally done. Most traditional china painters fire the gold
group of colors (purple, lilac, etc.) to about ^015, most colors to
^016, and the cadmium group colors (red and orange) to ^017 or ^018.
I just can't think that way when I'm doing a mural, and ^016 seems to
work OK for all the colors of the brands I use. But then most china
painters use an oil medium, and I use water. This is what comes of
making it up yourself instead of taking lessons.

Paul Lewing, Seattle

Kathynina on mon 26 jan 98

Linda usually glazes look matt like dried flour or sand before firing, if the
colors happen to match the fired result it's a coincidence, but I've never seen
dried glaze look shiny.