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low temperature crystalline glazes

updated tue 14 jun 11


Michael Flaherty on thu 9 jun 11

Has anyone ever tried crystalline glazes at 03 or lower? Have any result=
you'd like to share? Is there any technical reason it couldn't be done?

ivor and olive lewis on fri 10 jun 11

Dear Michael Flaherty,

I am aware that people are making Crystalline glazed pots firing to Cone 6
and see no reason why it should be impossible to devise a recipe that would
mature at Cone 03 and throw down a decorative crystal suspension during
cooling. But it is possible this melting point may only be achievable by
using undesirable raw materials.

As a research project you would need to select materials appropriate to the
task. These should exhibit the following properties.

One should melt below cone 3 and act as a solvent for all other ingredients=

One should be a glass former

Two ingredients must react chemically to form a new stable compound. This
new compound should have the ability to grow in two dimensions to make
decorative figures as the glaze solution cools.

I suggest you read Herbert H. Sanders, "Glazes for Special Effects", ISBN

Good luck with your venture.

Ivor Lewis,
South Australia

William Melstrom on mon 13 jun 11

Clayart Digest - 9 Jun 2011 to 10 Jun 2011 (#2011-162)Ivor Lewis' answer =
is excellent.

The Sanders book that Ivor mentions contains recipes for chromium red =3D
crystalline glazes which mature at cone 014-010. Ivor mentioned =3D
"undesirable" materials -- chromium red crystalline glazes contain about =
80% red lead. I have tested these recipes and got good and interesting =3D

The Sanders book also contains molybdenum crystalline glazes that mature =
as low as cone 3, but I have not tried these.

Both the molybdenum and chromium crystalline glazes produce true =3D
macro-crystals. Sanders also contains aventurine glazes which mature at =
cone 06, but I consider these to be micro-crystalline glazes, not =3D

The Crystalline Glaze Forum is specifically dedicated to crystalline =3D
glazes. The focus is on zinc-silicate macro-crystalline glazes, but all =
things crystalline are welcome. =3D20
William Melstrom
Moderator, Crystalline Glaze Forum

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