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woodfire and prehistoric pottery workshops

updated thu 16 jun 11


Joan Slack on wed 15 jun 11

Hi potters,

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about wood firing or =3D
prehsitoric pottery, here is some information. There will be a workshop =3D
held in late August at Riverrun Pottery Studio in northern Wisconsin on =3D
firing a fast-fire kiln.
Several years ago, Fred Olsen led a kiln building workshop here, and we =3D
constructed a "Fast Freddie" wood fires to cone 10 in =3D
about 10 hours, using only wood. The workshop provides information on =3D
the kiln construction (with slides available), glazes and wood fired =3D
effects, history of woodfiring, and a hands-on full day firing to learn =3D
all the tricks and tips. If you would like more detailed information, =3D
you can call Joan or see the website for a full =3D
description of the 3 day workshop. Dates are August 26. 27, 28.=3D20

Joan will also be teaching several other workshops on the history and =3D
creation of Prehistoric Pottery this summer, at Riverrun, on Madeline =3D
Island in Lake Superior, and at Aztalan State Park. See the website for =3D
all the details.

Joan Molloy Slack
Riverrun Center for the Arts
PO Box 95 6938 Bridge Road
McNaughton, Wi 54543