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dismantling education and unschooling

updated sat 18 jun 11


Patti Petit on thu 16 jun 11

This is the rest of my thought.
Unschooling might better be called selective learning. We all do it. My bro=
ther learned to read when he wanted to build a model car. Have you ever rea=
d those work sheets? He had been getting by in school on D's and could not=
be said to actually read. Anyway from models to books. He pastors a church=
these days -- great Bible student and teacher.
As I said in the first part - no one fit is right for everyone and unschool=
ing is not likely to catch on as a movement. Parents don't have the time.
Many of the life skills we learn are offshoots of disciplines taught in cla=
ssrooms. Who knew algebra works when putting round containers in a square f=
I think learning (real learning) is something we do for ourselves or it ha=
s little real significance in our lives.
Patti done for now