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what to do with old ceramics monthly's?

updated mon 20 jun 11


Dean on sun 19 jun 11

I've decided to release my accumulation of old Ceramics Monthly's, a nearly=
complete collection from 1984-2010 and about 35 issues from 1972-1983.=3DA=
0 =3D
The 90's onward are nearly perfect and the older ones a little more worn.=
=3DA0 I've thought about trying to sell them piecemeal on eBay, selling all=
, =3D
or donating to a worthy cause (don't know what that would be).=3DA0=3DA0 I =
can =3D
get about 25 into an $11 flat rate Priority mail box. I reckon about 11 box=
es in all. Any suggestions?