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raku pix

updated tue 28 jun 11


mel jacobson on sun 26 jun 11

i did a series of raku teabowls at the farm. used bob anderson's fine
fiber kiln.

pix are on my clayart page, my website, click below.

i really am fascinated with jet black against pure white raku. have not
tried it for about ten years....been waiting. it has to be right or it
stinks. (how i hate pink white raku.)

the key is a pure white thick porcelain slip on rough bodied high iron
clay pots. it sure makes white...and the reduction is jet black.
the crackle was perfect this time.

did about twenty pots with good results.
but, i am one exhausted boy. running a camp is not for sissies.
we fired the big wood kiln, big salt kiln, stoneware kiln six
straight days, raku
kiln did not ever get cooled down..

and we cut all the wood from our woods and have a second
load of wood now under cover.
guess who sharpens and takes care of three chain saws?
cooks all the dinners, and makes sure poopoo goes away,
and hot water runs for every shower?. it is rural.
and, it rained every day. i have moss growing on my feet.

from: minnetonka, mn
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Steve Mills on mon 27 jun 11

On 26 Jun 2011, at 19:44, mel jacobson wrote:

> i have moss growing on my feet.
Not, I hope, under your Toenails!!

Steve M

Steve Mills
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