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a wood firing question, charcoal introduction

updated sun 17 jul 11


Lee on sat 16 jul 11

In Shimaoka's Yohen chamber (changing chamber), behind the firebox
chamber, pine charcoal is introduced, covering the pots with charcoal.
The pots are set on clay pads that have shells on them. The floor
is covered with wet rice hull ash before the pots are set in. When
Shimaoka was alive, he placed all the pots in this chamber.

Sometimes there was charcoal found, unburnt in pots. The
charcoal did not deposit ash on the pots. It only created heavy
reduction. So unlike the pots in the firemouth, there was little
evidence of ash deposits on the pots, if any. The firemouth pots had
rivulets of ash on them. The Yohen chamber pots had no ash runs and
looked dull when you took them out of the kiln. They are polished,
some for a day or two, the results being a velvety/mat texture of
depth. The clay was a white shigaraki clay with feldpar stones in

See Yohen chamber here:

Shimaoka Yohen Pot:

These are pots of mine fired in the firebox of my wood kiln. They
were buried in a bed of coals:

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