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beam central vac for clay dust

updated sun 24 jul 11


Liz Gowen 1 on sat 23 jul 11

I had picked up a beam central vac unit, used, a couple years ago with the
intention of using it in the studio. So this year I decided to get serious
about it and install it for the whole house. After contacting a dealer he
ended up selling me a new one with all the hoses and parts to install it
myself. My brothr installed it for me and my goodness WHAT TOOK ME SO
LONG!!. I hate cleaning but this is great. No smell, it is exhausted
outside. I sutrface mounted it up my stairs, to my throwing room which is o=
the second floor. CLeans up the clay dust in a snap. No exhausting into the
house. Totally clean I am loving this. Now for the good part for some lucky
person; Since I aloud myself to be talked into the new one I have the used
one for sale with a hose and if you wish to install it for your house as
well,I have the correct pipe elbows and outlets. Mine cost me over 1,000.00
so I figure the used one with the hose I could let go for 250.00 Most
attachements from other machines fit on the end so not a lot of reason to
buy those. Will negotiate for some of the piping if interested. I did have
the old one looked at and the only thing not working is the on off switch.
You would have to plug it in and unplug it. I was using it on 2 levels of
the house so wanted the automatic one. You may also want to pick up a
muffler if you like quiet like me price not too bad. Part available online.
Contact me @

....Liz Gowen