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small studio space

updated mon 25 jul 11


Dina Barnese on sat 23 jul 11

Hi Eric,

I've worked out of a "spare" bedroom in my house for several years now. It
is about 10x10 with a closet that has sliding doors.

I have two wall shelf systems, the kinds with the rails and adjustable
brackets. I use them for drying and storing pieces in progress. I also have
a rolling baker's cart which is used for things in progress - it's nice
because I can roll it out of the room when I want to. I also use it for
transporting pots outside to be fired. My work table used to be against a
wall but I found I get better use of it with the short end against a wall
and the rest of it sticking out into the room. It measures about 6' x 3.5'.
I also have one of those shelf systems in half of the closet and that is
where completed inventory is stored, as well as pigments, underglazes,
stamps, infrequently used tools, etc. The regularly used tools are stored o=
the wall end of my work table.

The biggest issue I've found with the small space is that I have to be
working on one process at a time. If I'm working with wet clay, that's all
I'm working on. I only have room to store the thrown pieces while they dry
and wait to be trimmed, then only have room for trimming. Once everything
from that is put away and the pieces are bisqued, I set up to glaze. At tha=
point I am glazing until finished and everything is ready to be put back
into its space. There is no room to have glazing happening in one area of
the studio and wet work in another.

My workbench becomes a catch-all and has to be kept after constantly.

How exciting that you're setting up a home studio space!

Good luck,
Dina Barnese
Zizziba Studio

Lee on sun 24 jul 11

Someone asked for a picture of my over wheel racks. You can see a shot her=

=3DA0Lee Love in Minneapolis

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