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wood finishing

updated wed 24 aug 11


pdp1 on mon 22 aug 11

Hi Joyce,


> ----- Original Message -----
> I'm working on a wood-refinishing project as a display for
> this win

This then is new, 'raw' Wood?

And, if so, what Species?

And, what has been done to prepare it for 'finishing'?

> I'm working on a wood-refinishing project as a display for
> this winter's home sale. The one I like best is one I
> did some 40 years ago on an antique washstand but I've
> lost the directions for the final finish for the rosewood
> top. I think it's rosewood; whatever, it's exactly what I want
> to achieve. on my display chest. The finish was a 50% clear
> varnish/50% some kind of oil mixture.

It is extremely unlikely that it would be Rosewood.

Possibly the Stain you had used had been called 'Rosewood'?

> This produced very, very thin coats. Mine required 17,
> as I recall, to get the look I wanted. It's shiny, but
> doesn't look like varnish; the washstand has been moved
> many times, including back&forth across country; has
> been in children's rooms when they were very young
> .... still looks like it was finished yesterday even though
> when it was in family tv room... hot drinks, alcoholic
> drinks etc were spilled on it. I can't even recall all
> the disasters that befell this piece; yet, there it sits in
> the guest room looking spiffy as ever although I never
> did like the finished bottom which I applied from one of
> those "antiquing" kits prevalent at the time... yuck.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated and tested by me.
> Thank you.

A lot will depend on the Wood for the particular steps and
materials used in various steps, and for quality of outcome.

One can make various formua for producing a rubbed low-gloss, durable Finis=
which does or does not ( as one pleases ) sit on the surface of the Wood,
and, some of these would include Varnish or Flecto-Varathane as ingredients=

How many applications would be a function of Species, preprations or fillin=
prior to final finishing, ambient temps, and how 'thin' one makes the
'Soup', and whether one is buffing to 'dry' as one applies, or applies,
waits a little, then buffs...or lets things Air Dry.

Probably what you had used was a very thin Flecto-Varathane base rubbing
Oil, Hardening Oil formula.

> Joyce

So...Species? Images? And so on?


L v