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recycling class clay part 3 & a look at the wood pile so far

updated wed 31 aug 11


gary navarre on mon 29 aug 11

I don't have a lot of extra space for plaster drying bat=3D

Hey Folks,=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0I don't have a lot of extra space for plaster dryi=
ng bat=3D
sanda pug millso I built the brick and canvas de-watering contraption I saw=
in Pioneer Pottery. A while back I poured out some class clay slurry into =
the de-watering rig Michael Cardew showed us and it's time for some followu=
p. This chunk was a bit thicker and the weather has been pretty humid so it=
took longer to set up. I had scraped the canvas of wandering clay edges wi=
th the metal rib and wrapped the chunk up in the canvas again to continue d=
rying slowly until it became ready to wedge ...=3D0A=3D0A
/watch?v=3D3D6CB_hjWbsjk =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0 The wood pile is coming along=
... =3D0A=3D
=3D0A=3D0A =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A...=
but I'll ne=3D
ed to load a bunch of those pieces on the lower wood rack shelf to make roo=
m for more sticks. I sure hope the kids that helped unload put the last pie=
ces out on the bottom far endlike I told them because those have the ^4-^6 =
glazes for the tail setting. I guess I'll start loading so stay in there eh=
.=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0=3D0AGary Navarre=3D0ANavarre Pottery=3D0ANavarre Enterpris=
Michigan, USA=3D0A