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space in my class at the mendocino art center

updated thu 15 sep 11


rickmahaffey@COMCAST.NET on wed 14 sep 11


I am teaching a workshop at the Mendocino Art Center north of San Francisco=
on the coast of California on the 24th and 25th of this month.=3DC2=3DA0=
There are some spaces left for those interested in attending this workshop.=

=3DC2=3DA0 I will teach form alteration, surface embellishment, and stretch=
ing =3D
of forms.=3DC2=3DA0 There are some sample pictures of some of the technique=
s th=3D
at we will go over during the workshop at

You can call the Mendocino Art Center at:=3DC2=3DA0 707-937-5818=3DC2=3DA0=
=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0 or 800-653-3328=3DC2=3DA0 for more info=
mation on the clas=3D
s or see more info at :=3DC2=3DA0

Also check out the other offerings in varios media.=3D20

Rick Mahaffey=3D20