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keba's lid problem

updated tue 20 sep 11


Lili Krakowski on mon 19 sep 11

Just one question. Have you tried coating both lid lip and pot gallery =3D
with a very very fine slip?

The sound of clay on clay varies with the kind of clay used! A grogged =3D
or sandy clay makes a rather nasty sound...But a very very smooth clay, =3D
such as porcelain, makes a much more "refined" sound.

Parenthetically, reaction to sound/noise varies hugely--I am not talking =
music here--but just plain sound.

So make yourself a slip--very fine grained, coat both surfaces, let dry, =
set lid in place and "grind" back and forth to make sure all is =3D

Try it...Let us hear the sound of one lid clacking...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage