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my studio

updated sun 2 oct 11


Deborah Thuman on sat 1 oct 11

I have a few. I do my sewing in the sewing room. I do beading either
on the kitchen table or on the sofa. I can't just watch TV. I also do
crochet and knitting on the sofa. I have a mini studio in the laundry
room for clay. Wooden board goes over the washer, and I bring in a
tall chair. I also use the ceramic studio at NMSU which is where I do
my firing.

When I'm sewing or playing in the mud, I like quiet. I've taken to
bringing my iPod to NMSU and listening to relaxation music in order to
drown out whatever is on the radio. I'm afraid that there's only one
traditional student who has the same taste in music I have - and he's
got a fantastic collection of Irish music.

Deb Thuman