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tiny studio, great art

updated mon 3 oct 11


mel jacobson on sun 2 oct 11

we went up to bath, england a few years back
to visit Anne Heckle, a world respected calligrapher.

we had lunch, sat around with tea...and i said...`anne
may we see your studio and new work?`

so, we trooped up the back steps to her bedroom,
a tiny space with a small school table with a shoe
box in the center of the table. a standard straight backed
no work.

she went under the bed and brought out a 22x30 vellum
piece. on, like a bread board. she moved the shoe box, placed the vellum o=
n the
table and showed us this absolutely wonderful gold, black
ink, done with a quill masterpiece.

she opened the shoe box and took out a jar of ink, a few quills
and did a few letters on the piece.

YES, THAT IS HER STUDIO. a table in her bedroom. a lamp, and some
ink and quills. she does masterpieces. a box of gold, and gesso materials
were in her closet. about ten jars of colored paints on another shelf.
a jar of brushes. she had like an ice cream pail for water.

she claims `that is all i need love.` spartan. all the studio stuff
seems to confuse her...far too much stuff. i have seen calligraphy
studios with hundreds of pens, ink, paper all over...mountains of supplies.
and the work sucks...big time.

a wealthy woman near us had a separate building made in her back
yard...teak floors, sinks, tables and chair hand made...special lighting
and all the bells and whistles...she works there about two hours a month.

i have seen rubble kilns that look like they are falling over...the work
that come out is amazing.

we find spaces to work. then we live in those spaces and our brain
and hands take over. it takes time to learn the way of the space.

i hated when a new art room would open in a school. `don't mess the walls,
don't put pins in the walls, no tape...keep it clean.
no pails of clay around. the space is what is important, the kids
place. wash the outside of the kiln. make it shine. no clay left in the
wheels. crap. can't work at all.
people watching over your shoulder.

art is done by people...craft is done by humans. humans adapt to
their space....the primitive woman on the ground making pots knew
how to make studio.

from: minnetonka, mn
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