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water in your studio, add winter

updated tue 4 oct 11


Stephani Stephenson on mon 3 oct 11

Love it! getting great new ideas for winter system
feed store, christmas tree accessories........

also , with regard to winter
last winter i kept about 2-3 tons of clay in a quickie 'clay crib' i mad=
from pallets and=3D20
roofed i put all of my extra packing foam around the walls and roof and =
clay itself was on palettes, but still , a lot of it froze.=3D20

i noticed that the bags of clay that were semi stiff to begin with
delaminated the most. in spring i dried them then reconstitured them, no=

problem, but it was a lot of work.

what surprised me was i had also overwintered some bags of recycled cla=
this clay was very moist, even softer than soft throwing clay, but
definitely not slurry. sort of like peanut butter. this clay showed no
signs of delamination whatsoever and was ready to use in spring all i had=
do was let it stiffen a bit, which is easy here in SE AZ.