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fw: water in your studio

updated thu 6 oct 11


David Woof on wed 5 oct 11

Hi Maurice=3D2C everyone=3D2C

Good to "hear" Maurice's voice again on Clayart.

I had a basement studio some years ago in an older farm house with no basem=
ent plumbing so I took a clothes washer=3D2C cut out the tub=3D2C motor and=
drain pump from the rest of the machine
and slid it under a double basin/double drain boards=3D2Ccast iron/porcelai=
n =3D
sink. A mercury switch=3D2C mounted in the washer tub and attached to a toi=
t tank float ball and rod completed the unit. The mercury switch float syst=
em controlled the electrical circuit between the motor and the GFI installe=
d wall outlet. Of course all parts were well grounded. (One does not play l=
oosely with water and electricity.)=3D20
Said with love and respect: If you only think you know what you are doing c=
all a qualified certified person who really does!!!

This unit worked like a charm and was able to pump the grey water slop up t=
o ground level where it emptied into a covered drainage settling depression=
in the ground before filtering out into the shrubs and backyard lawn. Once=
a year I mucked several shovel scoops out of the settling depression and d=
isposed of it "properly."

Speaking of gravity systems: Part of my youth was spent on a back country =
ranch so far out and secluded that no sounds from traffic=3D2C dogs=3D2C or=
sters from neighbors ever penetrated our Valley.

No electricity=3D3B so we dug out a spring at an elevation higher than the =
use and piped
the water a quarter mile down to the house where the resulting
pressure forced it up to a water tank upstairs. Gravity then fed it to the =
faucets and the over flow from the tank was piped out to a watering tank fo=
r the critters.

Imagine for a moment waking to a cool mist shrouded summer dawn where deer =
are yet frisking at=3D20
meadow edge below high jutting craggy forested hills=3D2C the cattle stirri=
and heading down to water and a herd of some 30 horses=3D2C a giant jackas=
=3D2C two burros=3D2C and a sunfishing appaloosa stallion=3D2C who only my =
dad ca=3D
n ride=3D2C are thunder hooving down the valley just because they can and i=
good to be a free horse and alive.

Now from my studio porch I sometimes watch Silkie Perkins and her sons runn=
ing a horse herd or punchin cows up my valley to their ranch lands on the R=
io Verde. (Man!!! that little woman can sit a horse and ride!!!) She and he=
r sons are part of the last of the old west. I feel blessed to witness thes=
e tough knot folks who hang on to what they love.=3D20

The Old Order is indeed rapidly changing=3D3B(Dylan) A good time to stay al=
t and on our feet.

David Woof
> 1a. Re: Water in your studio
> Posted by: "Maurice Weitman" momud7@MOPOTS.COM
> Date: Tue Oct 4=3D2C 2011 5:27 am ((PDT))
> Okay=3D2C Earl=3D2C it's not just to be frugal=3D2C but how about=3D2C in=
stead of=3D
> pump (which I know has your heart pounding)=3D2C just put the tank higher
> than the sink and let gravity feed the faucet?
> You could add "gravity" to the "free" column.
> You could put the "drain" water thing under the supply tank=3D2C or be
> like the soldier in white in Catch-22 and pour the drain into the
> supply when it's full.
> Regards=3D2C
> Maurice