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nceca stay-at-home exchange needs a new coordinator

updated thu 13 oct 11


Janet Price on wed 12 oct 11

I've enjoyed coordinating the stay-at-home exchange for the last 4
years, but think it's time to pass this on to someone else. The first
notice usually goes out sometime in December, with a couple follow-up
reminders in January and February. During this time, the coordinator
accepts requests to participate. Sometime in March, the coordinator
matches people up mostly at random and sends out the exchange partner
information. After that, the only responsibility is to handle any
problems that arise. It's not a lot of work, but is a lot easier if
you're comfortable with excel.

I will pass on to the next coordinator the partner spreadsheets for the
last few years and the email messages I've used. Please let me know if
you're interested.



Janet Price