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recharging in the studio

updated tue 25 oct 11


Deborah Thuman on mon 24 oct 11

The studio is where the world disappears for me. It's just me and the
clay. Me trying to make each form better than the last. Me trying
something new, and then working on making the next one of the new
thing better than the one before. I'm starting to get good at coil

I have an iPod programmed with relaxation music in case I'm very wound
up when I get to the studio. A couple hours with the iPod and I'm
human again.

I play in my sketchbook. I play with new designs. I play with lines. I
think about how, if I masked out small areas on a pot with 1/4"
quilter's tape, I can then under glaze and come up with a white line
and color design. I experimented with the tape and a couple pots
yesterday. Once they are bisqued, I'll be able to see what I've got.

When we go on vacation, I take the sketchbook and draw whatever I see
that catches my fancy. Then I play with that drawing for a while. Then
I experiment. Then, I finally have something I can use.

Deb Thuman