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toxic upholstery foam fumes

updated fri 4 nov 11


Dinah Snipes Steveni on fri 4 nov 11

Hi All,

Sorry if I'm late into this discussion. Been glazing and enduring some vira=
l problems and subsequent "fixes" with pc. Argh. Leaking moolah.

On occasion I have used a hot wire to open up designs in dense upholstery f=
oam for ringing the changes with onglaze, or indeed with slips. Can I remin=
d folks that the fumes are toxic -- and work under a exhaust hood, or outdo=
ors. Some folks use wood burning equipment. etc., but whatever your preferr=
ed method using heat or flame mask up or vent it. Another good tip here is =
to spritz the foam, freeze it and you will get some good lines. Mostly, I j=
ust cut or scissor. Works fine. Apologize if this thread has been tapped.

Mount Vernon, WA.

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